I haven’t met the right person,” he said in answer to my question: “Have you fallen this week?” I think I almost blushed. His eyes were twinkling. His sense of humor is so wonderful.

 Senior Citizens doing exercise{Read in 3 minutes}  Frank is a member of a health and wellness program where about 150 seniors meet each week to test their blood pressure, check their weight, and take a Fitbit reading as part of our efforts to encourage walking and additional activities. Why? Because approximately one in four seniors (people over age 65, let’s say) take a fall, which can result in a serious injury and loss of independence.

September is Fall Prevention Month, but fall prevention is important all year for seniors.

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seniors in sports car“Well, I think seniors are really doing OK,” she said, “Because every time I see a really expensive car, an old guy is driving it.”

{Read in 3 minutes}  So began a month-long conversation with our summer interns, who were looking forward to prom and high school graduation. Seeing the world through the eyes of young people is — forgive me — “eye opening.” I am not sure who learned more from the experience! Continue Reading

Have you talked to Your Parents about Their Future? by Kathleen Bordelon{Read in 3:30 minutes}  It’s never too early to talk with your folks about their vision for their future. Start the conversation, and keep it going over time. Here are a few tips that may help get you started. Continue Reading

Redefining Old (as in Older Adult) by Kathleen Bordelon{Read in 3:30 minutes}

Adjective: old; Comparative adjective: older; Superlative adjective: oldest

As we celebrate Older Americans Month, I found myself thinking about how people perceive age. I remember thinking my Dad was old — afterall, he fought in WW II — and retired early with a gold watch — but he died at age 61. Today, I certainly do not think 61 is old! Continue Reading

Do You Like Sinatra? - The Value of Volunteers in Supporting Seniors by Kathleen Bordelon{Read in 3 minutes} “Do you like Sinatra?” was the first thing our client asked when introduced to his new Friendly Visitor volunteer. Continue Reading