Who We Are

As Stamford’s leading resource for older adults we offer a range of services geared toward helping older adults from all walks of life to live more secure, independent and fulfilled lives.

Community Impact

This year we provided information and resources to 2058 families, provided financial assistance and prevented homelessness for 130 residents and supported 400 individuals facing economic hardship, a major life transition or medical emergency, with financial assistance.


From guidance through specific life events, to emergency financial assistance, we work closely with seniors, their families and caregivers to reach timely resolutions.

You Can Help

Your generous support will have an immediate impact as the number of older adults in need continues to grow. We count on your generous donation to be able to provide for those in need of emergency assistance.

donate_newYour generous support provides essential funds that directly support older adults, enabling them to live more secure, independent and fulfilled lives.