Help keep seniors safe and connected

Brighten the day for an older person by reaching out to say hello! As a “Well Check Caller”, “Grocery Delivery Driver” or “Personal Shopper,” you can ensure an older neighbor is safe, has enough to eat and is socially connected.

Phone a senior to see if they are OK and show them someone cares. Spend a few minutes getting to know them and share stories. Deliver weekly pre-packed groceries to local seniors. Help a homebound senior with a special diet by shopping for and dropping off their groceries (SilverSource provides payment). Interactions with our volunteers are often the highlight of the week for clients.

Our volunteer opportunities are flexible and can be done in an hour or two. They are great for work-at-home employees, students over 17, retirees and families.

volunteer@silversource.org / 203.324.6584

Meet some of our SilverSource Volunteers and clients

Senior Well-Check Volunteer Callers

Please click here to access the online SilverSource Well-Check form:

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