Client Stories
Steve Korn

Mr. Steve Korn is 70 years old. He was born in New York City and settled in Stamford 25 years ago attracted by its vibrancy and proximity to New York. When glaucoma caused his vision to deteriorate he knew he had to give up driving, something that was very distressing to this businessman. Mr. Korn was grateful to find that our agency has a transportation program for medical appointments. Mr. Korn has given as much to the agency as he has taken away–his uplifting sense of humor is something that all the staff appreciate, particular Brian our wonderful driver. Mr. Korn would deny it but he is certainly a great role model for positivity in aging!

Ella Moore

Mrs. Ella Moore is 90 years old and has been a client for about 15 years. Originally Mrs. Moore was living in her own home where the maintenance costs became a burden. We helped with several repairs before Mrs. Moore moved into senior housing. Later Mrs. Moore received support with benefit applications and we now pay for her emergency response system and also a weekly home-maker as reduced mobility due to arthritis prevents her doing any heavy cleaning. Mrs. Moore is a much valued, socially active resident of her building.

Francisco Hernandez

Mr. Francisco Hernandez is just 66 years old and was referred to us at age 64 when health problems led to the loss of his job. Mr. Hernandez had to change his future plans–he had loved to work and now found himself without health insurance and unable to pay for vital medications. When he walked into the agency he had not taken his diabetes medication in several days. He also needed to keep sight-threatening glaucoma under control. We paid for medications to maintain his health and then worked with him to apply for benefits. During this time it was noticed that his hearing was severely impaired; he was observed trying to lipread what the social worker said. We purchased a hearing aid for Mr. Hernandez and now he is truly back in the social swing.

Mary Ellen Mallardi

Mrs. Mary Ellen Mallardi is 76 years old. She was born in New Rochelle and has lived for many decades in Stamford, where she raised her children and worked as a book-keeper. Mrs. Mallardi lives in senior housing and asked us for support when she was faced with a serious neck surgery-she did not know how she would manage post-surgery living alone. We counseled Mrs. Mallardi, referred her to the CT Home Care Program for Elders, simultaneously submitting an application for Medicaid to cover the cost of care. When Mrs. Mallardi came home post-surgery from rehabilitation she had home care services in place, and we purchased a lift chair so that she was able to get up from a seated position without assistance. Mrs. Mallardi has had a long road to recovery, a road she still travels, and yet she still manages to support many others in her building.

Carrie Barrett

Mrs. Carrie Barrett is 84 years old; she grew up in North Carolina and moved to Stamford to work in the 1960’s. Mrs. Barrett has been a client for almost twenty years. Initially Mrs. Barrett, who does not read or write, received help with benefit application support. More recently she had an exacerbation of health problems and was unable to bathe independently and was losing weight at an alarming rate. SilverSource was able to put in some interim home care and purchase a food supplement until Mrs. Barrett’s health was stabilized. More recently, our agency helped Mrs. Barrett set up pre-need funeral arrangements–this is often an important step for seniors who are Medicaid recipients. Mrs. Barrett says she is doing fine and wants to remain as independent as possible.

Eric Francis

Mr. Eric Francis is 90 years old. He emigrated from Jamaica in the 1960’s and had a long career working at Pitney Bowes as a custodian. Mr. Francis came to us with two main problems; he had a need for affordable housing, and he was also finding life difficult due to hearing loss. SilverSource helped him apply for senior housing, and also paid for the repair of his hearing aids. Lately, our agency has also been providing Mr. Francis with transportation to and from his medical appointments. Mr. Francis says that his quality of life is much improved by the agency, and he knows that he has somewhere to go if he has a problem.